● Okuyan Customs values and sees protecting its employees rights in both financially and personally as well as sharing personal and corporate values, and providing a quality, peaceful working environment as the essential principle.
● Knows the power of brain will take the key role of leading in competition that grows and changes fast.
● Perfection and high performance is one of the main principle in all activities. At Okuyan, all of our employees are same and will be approached equally regardless their ethnicity, age, gender, nationality, religious and political views. We also apply the same principle at every stage starting from job announcement, hiring and placing, training, promotions, pay rise as well as the additional rights.
● Knowing of maintaning a policy of being equal and transparent to all of our employees is the key of keeping the brain power and loyality.
● Aiming higher, creating the difference in our field of activity and becoming a world brand and sharing the sucsess with all of our employees is the main critera in our human resources policy.
● Keeping our employees motivation in high level, providing equal opportunity is one of the main principles.
● Our purpose of forming the human resources policy that by the light of this vision, to provide the human resources that our company will need and operate it efficiently and continuously.
● In accordance with our human resources policy; we provide training to our employees in order to improve and self development opportunities, helping them to build their career plan and keep their productivity at highest level possible.
● What helped to reach Okuyan Customs Consultancy to its current position is adopting our company culture and main principles both by our members of board and employees and being open and ready to adapt themselves for the latest updates and information.
● We do update all of our policies as well as our human resources policy as per todays requirements and keep it continuous.

Investments on Employee’s Development

● The provide the environment and opportunity to employees to increase productivity and personal development,
● Creating a mentality of development as the responsibility in all units, monitoring the performance of the employees by supporting the open communication,
● Managing employees’ professional development by creating a pool of quality, sucsessful and global workforce and leaders.

Development and Empowerment of the Organisation

● Keeping the re-construction of the process, system and the human resources as needed in order to keep the sucsess of the employees continuous,
● Following close the employees with higher potential and evaluate the community’s today’s and future needs accordingly,
● Increasing transfering, rotation and recruitment applications in order developing the organisation and the employees is one of the main priorities of human resources.

Summarising Human Resources Policy at Okuyan:

● Working with quality human resources continuously,
● To make employees feel that they are a valuable members of a big family,
● Providing what is necessary to achieve of reaching highest performance with training.
Join us if you believe the key to sucsess is to work as team and thoughts must have turn into actions to be able to achieve.

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